Life Is What You Make It.. I hope You Make a Movement

Most times, we walk through life thinking it's getting the best of us not even realizing we make the choices that dictate how we approach our circumstances. Instead, of hating your job look at it as a means to an end. You have this time to earn and save towards what you're passionate about. Don't be upset that relationship didn't work out, that means you're one step closer to your forever person.

Life truly is what you make of it and what you choose to do with that should be monumental to you!
It has nothing to do with others or their validation. Make the best move for you and rejoice in that! Every day get up to be better than you were the day before!

And yes I'm aware this is a style blog but every now and again I have to come through with a word (and a look) just to remind us all who the f*ck we are!!

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