You're All I Need

Now I'm sure you all are wonder who took over Fatima and put her in some pants! My obsession with dresses and skirts is real but there is nothing wrong with showing a little thigh meat but now that there is a chill in the air its nice to switch the style up and go for a look with a little less maintence while still maintaining your cuteness.

There are to things I don't gravitate to which are stripes and polka dots but I'm a firm believer that with the right angles.. and you should always know your best angles.. But with the right ones even stripes can be flattering on even us big booty Judy's.

Believe it or not but this entire look was also super affordable. The sweater caught my eye just based on the dramatic sleeve. Super luxe and chic but versatile. I've always said and stuck by all my pieces being transitional. Its important for someone like me who lives on a budget but I don't want to look as if that budget rules my life. At the end of the day stay confident because anything will look amazing when you're draped in confidence! 

|| Sweater/Pants Fashion Nova || Purse Forever21 ||