Trophy Wife

Guess who's BACK! Dressed down in glitter and gold girl!! Now in case you didnt know the most beautiful girl in the world Ms. Robyn Rihanna Fenty came out this this gorgeous cosmetic line that had so much range and I was inspired by this luminos highlight by the name of 'Trophy Wife' it will make you want to bathe in it, just drown yourselves in it. 

This just goes to show fashion can be influence by beauty or music, it all ties in together. This dress is short and hot, my jacket being about the same color was completely coincidental but with the seasons changing and were stepping into fall this for me is a stand out. I love the richness in the color. It breaks the mold of 'its fall/winter time lets drape ourselves in all black' even though I love that I do feel its totally okay to be vibrant around this time of the year!

|| Dress/Jacket/Shoes Missguided ||