Bidi bidi bom bom

What is it about a jumpsuit that is always so bomb? Lets not even get into the low maintence of them.     Throw one on and kill shit. As soon as Summer breaks you'll find me a jumpsuit at least 70% of the time. Dressed up or down you can easily be a baddie in one of these!!

With this particular suit I felt very Selenas in it! There was performance where she wore a jumpsuit in a very similar maroon color, that had a matching crop jacket. Im sure most of you know exactly what Im speaking of because she was just slaying! And the flare on the leg left me gasping as a little girl. So when this arrived in the mail I knew I had to do damage.

Now the last thing to remember when choosing and wearing a jumpsuit... Proper undergarments, of course if necessary because if you've got it like that and don't even own a spanx than you go head girl, do your thing! But some of us need that extra love to keep everything in place. Jumpsuits can be body hugging in some cases so to keep that under control and looking like Selena whose body was insane!

|| Jumpsuit ||