Pretty P

Recently I spoke with a friend of mine just about how AMAZING it is to be a woman. We get to create life, run the world, make a house a home, and of course get dolled up. I for one love being soft and pink, I am far from ashamed of my emotions, instead I embrace them which I feel we aren't always taught to do. Being a woman, a Black woman at that you're constantly the pillar of strength for everyone around you which is fine but what about when you need to let those tears out, when you need a moment to get lost within yourself. Ladies, always take what you need for yourself!! Fall, wipe those tears, add mascara, then kill shit! Wear your confidence as if its this seasons Chanel.

We can be tough as nails or as delicate as a blossoming flower either way theres beauty in it all. I love my sensuality, my virtue, Ive never been in more of a calm state in my womanhood. I know who I am, what I deserve, and all thats coming to me. Ive spent so much time working on and creating this woman that I am today that no one can come in and take away from that. I proudly rock my pink side because its a blessing to be a woman.

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