Young Morticia


Technically its Fall for some of us but here in NYC, the weather is still confused and we're still experiencing Summer heat but instead of complaining I of course took full advantage of it!! I mean you just never know next week I might be shoveling snow! 

This jumpsuit is EVERYTHING for starters it meets my ankles. That seems like something so simple but when you're five foot ten that usually means the demise of most bottoms because high waters don't work for me! It also fits so well, with plenty of breathing room for a lady working with curves, best of all its black!!!!!!

Growing up Barbie was great and all but my obsession with Morticia Addams was unreal! I loved how she was always so poised and perfectly quaffed. From her sleek jet black hair, matching red nails and lip... Why is this woman not down in history for her amazing style. She made the color black a 'thing'. I knew even then as a young girl that I wanted to be able to take a simple color and make it fabulous! And lets not forget she was a mother of three, who had time to tend to her garden and tame her husband. See ladies you can have it all while looking deviously devine. 

|| Jumpsuit ||