Classic Woman

There are just certain things that go hand in hand with one another like Carrie and New York City or buttery french toast with lots of powered sugar and I have to say the same for a nude dress and red lip which ultimately makes it classic in my book!


When I shop I look for what I can wear a dozen times over. Pieces that I can add to by throwing on a blazer with it or can go from flats to heels because you want to get your moneys worth from whatever you're buying and to be able to maximize your closet. A nude dress is a must for a lady, its almost becoming the new LBD and we all know thats a staple. So remember the next time you're on the hunt for that perfect dress make sure you fall in love with it first and that you can look classic in it, maybe even pass it down to your kids like a Chanel tweed coat!!

 || Dress || F21 Purse ||

Beauty said...

You are right; a nude dress is just as essential as the LBD. Great styling with the nude purse and heels.
Have a blessed week.