Concrete Jungle

Clearly I am one girl who loves her city!! Its New York City for crying out loud one of the most magical places on earth. In seconds you can go from staring into the windows of Bergdorf's on 5th Ave to bumping into a falafel truck that will give you the best meal you've ever experienced. For most of us riding the train is the easiest way to get to our destination and for a city girl this is our horse and carriage ride.

My style is fairly simplistic and I like to stick with the silhouettes that work best for my shape, as they say if it isn't broken don't fix it but this print was something I knew needed to be on this blog! It gives me hot, tropical, havana nights vibes!! Who doesn't want to look like they just landed from frolicking on the beach!! But until I can get on that plane to wherever that vacation may be Im perfectly fine with staying in my fabulous city while looking totally sun kissed.

|| Crop&Skirt set || Necklace H&M || Shoes Target ||