Bleu de Minuit

It's started to feel a lot like Spring!! I must admit my style barely changes through out the seasons. I wear what makes me happy, when it makes me happy. If that means a crop top in the dead of winter then so be it. I just make sure I've got a light shirt over it, a heavy coat, and a fluffy scarf.. Layering 101 lol. 
Dress- ASOS, Shoes- Shoemint, Necklace- F21, Rings- eBay

This dress is so gorgeous and fits perfectly! I love the little mix of black in it but it's not overpowering that lovely blue. Def a transitional piece that can be worn all year long. Those are the kinds of pieces I am now trying to purchase more often just because I'll be able to make them work for me at any point. What are some of your fav transition pieces??