She been going way too hard, someone has to intervene

School, school, school is all my life consist of. I won't complain though because I love it and its going to provide me with a better future. As usual this NYC weather is kicking my butt and its too cold to look for cool places to do photo shoots at so I hope guys don't mind the big ugly brick wall I've decided to take pictures in front of lol.

 Sweater/Shoes-F21, Skirt/Necklace-ASOS

I dont know what it is about ASOS but they have some of the best print. I am addicted to that site and have been for years!! Like I literally check it everyday to see whats new. Their sizes fit amazingly and the material is great quality. Look at me acting like a spokesperson lol.

Unknown said...

Love love love your outfit!! :) Especially your burgundy jumper.. xx

Vanessa said...

I agree, asos have some wonderful prints.

oomph. said...

asos does have tons of cool things, i was addicted at one point! the skirt is amazing on you and i love those spiked heels!!

mobile morsels

ilikestuff said...

Hah, they should be paying you for glowing endorsements like that. Seriously though, I knew my wallet was in trouble when they started offering free shipping and free returns.

shopnowsavelater said...

Yesss girl asos has it down pat! Loving how you did it up with this outfit! The print is everything and paired beautifully with that burgundy sweater! LOVE

xoxo TY

Unknown said...

I love this outfit on u. Love love love ittt! <3