Get Ya Life

LOL I can be so silly sometimes. I have to be in school in an hour but my spirit is telling me update my blog and leave a message for someone... Don't look at me like I'm crazy lol. If in life you continuously come across people who lie, disrespect, hurt or do anything affect you in a negative way... Its you. An associate and myself were having a conversation and she told me that all she ever comes across are guys who want to use her. I simply explained to her that it was her. Her eyes almost popped out her head when I said that. When you're always in the same predicaments its something in you attracting these kind of people. That's when you need to take a step back and analyze yourself. Why are you allowing anyone to give you less what you deserve. Friendship, relationship, family members... doesn't matter, you will give me that same respect I give you or exit stage left. Peace.

 Top- F21(It started out turquoise but I did a DIY and made it navy blue), Shorts-, Tights- House of Holland, Shoes- ALDO, Necklace- UO

Superblondeep said...

sexy outfit

Amanda said...

sexy look!

Ashley said...

You have a lovely blog! Great post :D
I am your newest follower, follow back?