White is the New Black

white is the new black

Long gone are days when your mothers wouldn't be caught dead wearing white after Labor day. For me white is one of the sexiest colors you could wear!! Without a doubt when wearing it you'll stick out of crowd and be the main attraction. Celebs like Eva Mendes and Kate Hudson worn white on award shows and just slayed every other women on the carpet. Its a HUGE trend right now and I love it. What do you think about stepping out in all white??

white is the new black by FASHiioniista61 featuring an asymmetrical skirt
cherry vidal said...

i am noticing the same thing its all about white, i actually wore a new white skirt over the weekend can you believe thats the only white peice i own if you don't include t-shirts. i desperately want a white blazer, i will work my way up to the all white ensemble xoxo

oomph. said...

I love white. Love the idea of a white pant suit, crisp white shorts, a fresh white linen shirt, and a white boho maxi skirt.


Coralie said...

I so love white for this summer !


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this makes me want to go buy something white asap!

Alissa said...

I'm all about white for summer. This year I would like to get my Lisa Raye on and wear white on summer long.