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I believe if one seriously wants to be apart of the fashion industry that day dreams of running the streets of Paris are not questionable at all. I know for myself, it isn't!! I mean not only is Paris the fashion capital of the world but the French invented style. I once saw an interview with Andre Leon Talley saying if you want to be apart of this world, be fluent in french. Well I'm slowly getting there. Ont une belle journe`e. Au revior.
Unknown said...

I completely agree with you. One day we will walk the streets of Paris! :)


MsShamz said...

Il est tres possible d'apprendre le francais :)
I can be your tutor if you'd like hehe
great post hun and totally agree!
A la prochaine xox

LoveNWright said...


Hair .|. Finance .|. Womanhood

Tima said...

@Ivonne Yes we will!!!

@MsShamz Je sais. Puis-je conside`rer un jour a` un moment mais il est beaucoup de plaisir.

@LoveNWright Girl, I just said have a beautiful day lolz.

Thanks ladies!!!

Nayantara Sam said...

I would love to visit Paris, but New York would be my favorite fashion destination. Tokyo too! Great blog :)

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StylishForever said...

Paris would definitely be fun :)

Stay gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I want to learn French!!!