Totally Orgasmic

Calling all NYC beauty lovers!! If you haven't heard by now NARS will be opening their very own flagship store in SOHO, located on 413 Bleeker St. Now for a girl like me, this might be fatal because a few doors down is the Marc Jacobs boutique. How will one choose?!?! Okay most likely I won't which means I'll be broke. Back to the topic at hand... We'll be able to get our NARS fix straight from the crown jewel instead of hitting up the make-up counters and being dissappointed when they're out of my favorite blush. All we have to do is wait it out until Spring 2011.
Tiffany Monet said...

I can't wait!!!!! =)

Samm said...

Aaah I want a NARS store in Holland!

With love, Samm
By the way, don't forget to enter my give away ;)

The Michelle Show said...

Lucky you guys! For now, I'm just settling in at Sephora.