MAC's Venmonous Villians Collection

Now I cant even lie, I seriously thought this collection was going to be complete fail but to my surprised there were some hidden gems. Let me just tell you what I went through. I was invited to the unveiling of the collection at my local mall. I got there before it began but still had to wait outside for an hour before they let me in. Once inside theses young girls turned into savage beast. I couldn't get a clear picture for the life of me. I couldn't even play around with the products. After picking out what I wanted I handed it over to one of the ladies and stood in line to pay. Come to find out they lost my card with the items I chose on it. I couldn't take it, it got to the point where I was like 'Fuck this' but I figured I was already there so why not just get what you want, and run out of here.

So after waiting at the register for another forty-five minutes I finally got my stuff and ran out of there like a hooker in church. I'm sure you're like cool everything worked out.... NO. I get home open my bag and realize they forgot the one thing I wanted most. The Violetta lipstick!!! So I trooped it back the next day and got it to once again be disappointed because the girl gave me the wrong lipstick again. This time I decided to take no prisoners. I made my third and final trip to MAC and got what I wanted as well as well deserved apology. Sorry loves but I had to vent. Check out my video and pictures below!!

                                                 Thank sweet baby Jesus for the cocktails!!

Just a look at the chaos smh. 
Unknown said...

fabulous thanks for sharing xxx

CESILIA said...

i got violeta lippie i LOVE it

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review! MAC sometimes gets me with their packaging and I thought I would sit this one out for that reason.