Lauren Conrad was featured in the October issue of Elle magazine and I must say homegirl is serving it up. Elle is celebrating their 25th Anniversary and  decided to show off some of the hottest 20-somethings that are making their mark.
I understand that this look wouldn't be hardcore from most of us but I feel its a big step in the opposite direction of Laurens ultra feminine style.. but in a good way. I've also been meaning to pick up her new book Style.. Anyone read it yet? Is it any good?
ilikestuff said...

Ugh, as Tyra would say, I just wish she'd 'brought it' a little more in this picture. Sure, she looks a tad 'edgier' than normal, but if they can put January Jones in panties and a leather jacket unbuttoned to the belly button then surely they can put LC in something with studs or, I dunno, leather panels. I give it a C+

Chanel said...

I love LC. I great to see her doing an edgy photo spread for Elle.


Martina said...

Looks like its going to be a good number, but I think that picture should be a little more.
Btw, I saw your last entry about the Disney and M.A.C. collection, I got the gloss from Maleficent, and I have to say it's amazing, it has a purple and grey glow that drives me crazy!



Lauren Conrad is who I hate the most. But this looks classy... I might just change my mind :D

Dee O. said...

You're right, Lauren looks tough as hell in this pic!!! Go 'head lil girl! lol

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ABIGAIL NY said...

Agreed, she's more of the feminine type in her style and it's more her, this image is less her, but you know it's her life! Just hope whatever she's up to it works out for her!