Check my CUTE-icle's

I'm back again with my CUTE-icle's and I am so excited because this is bold blue has become my savor. It's gorgeous, eye catching, and only available at Sephora since it is from their polish collection. Its called Myrtille and it could be yours for only $5. Now even though it is my favorite color of the moment the bottle is super tiny which means you'll only get a few uses out of it.

The Sally Hansen double duty top coat is my new drug. I CANNOT do my nails without it. Don't you just hate when you get a mani and the next day it begins to chip well fear no more this stuff eliminates that completely. Your mani will last for at least five days. Find it at your local supermarket or CVS for only $4.99

M said...

Such a cute, deep and rich color!
I'm also doing a post on nail polish today, check it out :)

Prissy said...

You pick some of the prettiest nail colors. Also, your nail base looks very strong (mine are weak & fragile from wearing acrylic nails for so many years).