Life Is What You Make It.. I hope You Make a Movement

Most times, we walk through life thinking it's getting the best of us not even realizing we make the choices that dictate how we approach our circumstances. Instead, of hating your job look at it as a means to an end. You have this time to earn and save towards what you're passionate about. Don't be upset that relationship didn't work out, that means you're one step closer to your forever person.

Life truly is what you make of it and what you choose to do with that should be monumental to you!
It has nothing to do with others or their validation. Make the best move for you and rejoice in that! Every day get up to be better than you were the day before!

And yes I'm aware this is a style blog but every now and again I have to come through with a word (and a look) just to remind us all who the f*ck we are!!

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Not So Desperate Housewife

I know I'm not the only one whose guilty pleasure is reality TV, particularly the housewives franchise. When you think of a housewife, naturally you think of the one person who keeps it all together in the home. Gender friendly of course because I know a dad or two who keep the home in tact! But these days being a housewife is all about the glam! Cooking in stilettos, lavish trips, cute playdates, and staying trendy!!

Lets be a little more realistic most of us are living on a different type of budget! Which means glam without the high price tag... that is until you're in the position to do so. I really just loved the fit on these pants but I always give out the same advice.. TAILORING! At times you buy a piece and it fits like it was made for you, then there are times where you need assistance, and that makes then entire look come together.

Being that I am not housewife status yet and as I mentioned I'm budget friendly so I highly suggest searching for coupons or even subscribing to the email list of some of your favorite online stores so when they're having a sale, you're the first to know! Nothing beats looking good and saving money.

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Fatigue Friendly

Fatigue has had a lifespan of FOREVER! And I for one love the statement it makes. Naturally you may think of the brave men and women who serve our country who are decked out in the green get up but as of late fatigue has made a place of itself as an on trend print all throughout fashion.

Plenty of designers and brands have played with it adding a fun spin to fatigue exploring colors and textures. That's what attracted me most. While the traditional look can be pulled off effortlessly I really dig when its remixed and we get to see something different from what we already know.

While casually online shopping one morning I came across this coat and KNEW it was for me! Ironically last year I had my eye on a very similar coat so similar it was the exact color. I saw it in the men's section of Forever 21, but never got my hands on it. So I'm going to have to say it was fate finding this gem.

Believe it or not I still hesitated on going through with my purchase. I gather I stared at it long enough to the point someone special knew I needed it. At home one day, the door bell rings and its UPS with a hand full of packages.. per usual lol.. But one in particular was very large and I just knew I hadn't ordered anything that size. I asked the UPS carrier to check and make sure it belonged to me and she confirmed my address on the package.

As I began to open it up I could see the reflective oxblood jumping out at me! Did I buy this in my sleep? OMG has my shopping addiction driven me to no longer being aware of the purchases I make?! Then it hit me, the only person who knew I was drooling over this coat but had been indecisive with actually go through with getting it was my beau. He was sweet enough to order it and send it to my home. Long story short I'm in love not just with a great man but also this dope fatigue coat that gives off the funky vibe, just cool, chill swag look that I just know it here to stay.


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You're All I Need

Now I'm sure you all are wonder who took over Fatima and put her in some pants! My obsession with dresses and skirts is real but there is nothing wrong with showing a little thigh meat but now that there is a chill in the air its nice to switch the style up and go for a look with a little less maintence while still maintaining your cuteness.

There are to things I don't gravitate to which are stripes and polka dots but I'm a firm believer that with the right angles.. and you should always know your best angles.. But with the right ones even stripes can be flattering on even us big booty Judy's.

Believe it or not but this entire look was also super affordable. The sweater caught my eye just based on the dramatic sleeve. Super luxe and chic but versatile. I've always said and stuck by all my pieces being transitional. Its important for someone like me who lives on a budget but I don't want to look as if that budget rules my life. At the end of the day stay confident because anything will look amazing when you're draped in confidence! 

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