Pretty P

Recently I spoke with a friend of mine just about how AMAZING it is to be a woman. We get to create life, run the world, make a house a home, and of course get dolled up. I for one love being soft and pink, I am far from ashamed of my emotions, instead I embrace them which I feel we aren't always taught to do. Being a woman, a Black woman at that you're constantly the pillar of strength for everyone around you which is fine but what about when you need to let those tears out, when you need a moment to get lost within yourself. Ladies, always take what you need for yourself!! Fall, wipe those tears, add mascara, then kill shit! Wear your confidence as if its this seasons Chanel.

We can be tough as nails or as delicate as a blossoming flower either way theres beauty in it all. I love my sensuality, my virtue, Ive never been in more of a calm state in my womanhood. I know who I am, what I deserve, and all thats coming to me. Ive spent so much time working on and creating this woman that I am today that no one can come in and take away from that. I proudly rock my pink side because its a blessing to be a woman.

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Black Is My Happy Color

Its so funny how colors are associated with emotions but nothing about rocking black makes me feel down or scared. In all actuality in this color I feel like anything can be conquered. Personally I think everything looks better in black!! Its something about the intensity of it. That power statement you make when you dare to rock a color that can stand alone and demand you respect it!

I constantly tell myself that I'll try out more colors and prints, hell Ive told all of you this but I can't help myself! Black allows me to face the world not giving a damn and of course its forgiving to most body types but never hide behind this bold statement realize that you're a sexy, badass, who got up and found the perfect shades of black that match one another!!

Grey Idea


My addiction to neutrals hasn't faded a bit! Every time I see something in color I love it but then I'll see the same piece in black or grey and I just fall madly in love with it and have to have it!! Grey has taken over my wardrobe in such a vast manner that I barely wear anything else and this crop top is stuck on rerun when it comes to what I choose to throw on.

What I will always love about fashion is its ever changing and evolving. Neutral is the new black. You don't have to feel cornered in or restricted when it comes to keeping it simple. Simplicity is the new glamour!!! I think I just made that up but its true!! Sometimes the cleanest palette can look the chicest. Right now thats working for me but if you love to be BOLD by all means be the boldest out there!! Neutral or bold remember to always be confident in it. Let your look speak volumes and remind the world who the f*ck you are!

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                                                              I love you more than my own skin.

Two weeks ago I celebrated my 27th birthday.. Shout out to all the Scorpios out there enjoying our season!! I decided to take a break and really focus on work and myself. I must say its been amazing. There wasn't much I wanted to do to celebrate but when I got word of the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Bronx Botanical Garden I rushed over to check it out. There was everything from a taco truck to live music and dancers. 


They say with age comes wisdom but I will be the first to say Im still figuring a lot of things out. Especially when it comes to what I will allow in my life. One thing Ive vowed to do away with is one sided relationships. Im the person who will give their all to someone whether it be a romantic relationship or friendship and sometimes when others know you have that characteristic they take advantage of it. I promised myself to no longer accept whats given to me but to take what I deserve and if not then I'll remove myself from the situation. I also promised myself to begin venturing out more.. Travel and see what this world has to offer. Don't be too alarmed if this style blog soon becomes a travel blog!!


Frida was fearless. With her paintings, with her words, and of course with her look. There was no one who she was going to allow to determine who she was. As women sometimes titles mean a lot to use from mother, wife, friend... which are all beautiful places to be in life but Im earning for something that fully focuses on me and me alone which is why Frida truly inspires me so much!! She stood in her womanhood and made no apologies about it. She was a force who took no sh*t. 27 is my time to be a force!!!

Really, I do not know whether my paintings are surrealist or not, but I do know that they are the frankest expression of myself.